The Military Order of the World Wars

Chapter 131, West Valley, Arizona

Membership Information

MOWW membership is open to all federally commissioned, warrant, and flight officers who serve or have served honorably in any branch of the our country's armed services, NOAA (the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration), or Public Health Service.  Hereditary membership is also available. 

Our members are called "companions." Most of the West Valley Chapter companions have served in the military in peace times or during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and more recently, in the Middle East. 

We encourage our members to actively support our programs for youth and the Massing of the Colors, to attend monthly meetings, and to invite potential members.  We also encourage members to "give back" to the organization by serving on the staff, assisting with chapter sponsored events, and attending events hosted by other MOWW chapters. 

We pride ourselves in promoting opportunities to serve.  Currently, we have the following staff openings: Senior Vice Commander, Judge Advocate, Historian/Archivist, Public Relations Liaison, and Membership Chair.

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Request Membership InformationThe MOWW nationwide is organized into 15 regions.  Our chapter is in Region XIII, which includes AZ, CO, NM, UT, WY, and El Paso, TX.  Each state has a department team.  In Arizona,  we are one of five chapters:  Apache Trail #207, Catalina Mountains #212, Phoenix #92, Santa Cruz Valley #193, and West Valley #131.

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West Valley Chapter By-Laws

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Chapter 131 Past Commanders
* (Indicates Deceased)

  1971-72   MG Edgar Erickson*
  1972-73   MAJ John Delp*
  1973-75   COL Frank Manspeaker*
  1975-76   COL Percy Moore*
  1976-78   COL Ed MacVittie*
  1978-79   COL Allen Miller*
  1979-80   LTC Marcus Sauls*
  1980-81   LTC Myron Everett*
  1981-83   COL Bruce Johnston*
  1983-84   LTC Hjalmer Person*
  1984-85   LTC Frederick Hindley*
  1985-86   LTC Vernon Harvey*
  1986-87   CPT Walter House*
  1987-88   LTC Theodore J. Dreveniak*
  1988-89   LT John Atchison*
  1989-90   LT Dewey Williams*
  1990-91   CPT Paul Thims*
  1991-92   LTC Joseph L. Rogel*
  1992-93   MAJ James A. Walker*
  1993-94   COL Charles E. Fisher*
  1995-96   LTC Theodore J. Dreveniak*
  1996-97   LT Edgar L. Barbee*
  1997-98   LT Carl J. McCurdy*
  1998-99   LTC Chester M. Schultz*
  1999-00   LTJG Bruce A. MacDonald*
  2000-01   BG Robert W. Williams*
  2001-02   COL Leo V. Jugler*
  2002-03   LTC A. Richard Albrecht
  2003-04   LT Paul B. Speicher*
  2004-05   COL Michael J. Miech
  2005-07   LTC Elizabeth A. Waters
  2007-08   COL Jerry R. Wojtas
  2008-09   CPT Robert B. Madden
  2009-11   LT J. Edward Kain Jr.
  2011-12   BGEN E. David Woellner
  2012-14   CPT Frederick J. Ramsay*
  2014-16   COL Gerald O. Jenson
  2016-18   CAPT Buz Isban
  2018-   MAJ Ken Coffman

Membership Kit

The following information is primarily for the use of Chapter members to distribute to interested parties and potential new members.

Introduction and local application:

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Chapter information brochure (print letter size, landscape, both sides, flip over, fold into thirds with large medallion on front):

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Chapter recruiting information business card (print on Avery 5871 or 8871 or letter size card stock):

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Chapter Information Brochure meeting information labels (print on Avery 5260 or equivalent):

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